As a parent, this is the last thing you'd want to hear about with Halloween right around the corner.

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I couldn't imagine my kids coming in contact with a deadly drug when they just wanted to enjoy their favorite candy on Halloween.

Sadly, in this world, we can't just trust people to not harm our kids.

hooded criminal stalking in the shadows of a dark street alley

The reality is that there are sick people in this world who seek to hurt children especially when people have their guard down during holidays and big events.

There are instances where you can put more trust into things given to children like events with trusted and reputable organizations.


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According to the LA Times, Authorities seized about 12,000 pills believed to contain fentanyl that a person tried to bring in candy boxes through a security checkpoint at Los Angeles International Airport.

There is no telling where this person was headed with the pills and what their intentions were but it's an overall scary situation.

Besides the pills being seized at the airport, there is more good news in this case.

The LA Times report that it’s not likely they would have been passed off as candy, according to Nicole Nishida, a spokesperson for the DEA’s Los Angeles Division.

Although this didn't turn out to be as bad as it could've been, I think this just serves as a reminder to parents to be extra cautious this Halloween.

There are people who will do the unthinkable just to harm another person.

Be safe this Halloween.

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