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If you enjoy fear. Why do we like being scared, so much?

We definitely do like being afraid or horror films would all be failures at the box office.

Now, we have the states that are the "Most Haunted" in America.

Alabama is in the Top 20 of this frightening list.

Photo by Jesse Bowser on Unsplash
Photo by Jesse Bowser on Unsplash

The metrics used to rate these states is based on some unique factors, in my opinion. The report is partly based on the amount of literal ghost sightings/experiences.

That's not all that matters here. UFO encounters are ALSO a part of this overall look at the "haunted" states.

The source for all of this info is, and they have additional BREAKING NEWS for this time of year.

They say they have evidence that GHOSTS are real and that fact can be proven.


Let's see who ranked No. 1:

Texas with 4,938 ghost sightings.

That is a lot of sightings but Texas is also a large state. According to Ghosts of America and Slot Source, one of the most haunted facilities in Texas is Clear Creek High School.

The report mentions ghost sightings in the courtyard, bathrooms, and computer labs.

In 2022, Ghosts of America reports 66,499 ghost sightings, SO FAR!

Alabama ranked No. 19, on the list of the Top 20 states with the most hauntings.

Full details on the report, as well as all of the Alabama-reported ghost sightings (with plenty of photos), can be seen HERE. Including ghosts in Northport, Tuscaloosa, Gordo, Jasper, and many other cities.

Tuscaloosa had a couple of interesting UFO sightings you can investigate and check out for yourself.

Alabama reportedly had 721 sightings in 2023, but when you compare sightings with population, Alabama ranks No. 9 in percentage of residents that have had ghost encounters.

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