It’s that time again!  No, I am not talking about the Holidays, it’s time to pull out our spare change again. I am going to once again let everyone know that there is another penny that’s worth much more than its face value!  Scroll to the bottom to discover what to look for!

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Now I have found out that pennies minted before 1981 are worth something.  Those pennies are minted almost out of pure copper, so there’s that.  Yet this is not what this story is about.


Trust me you want to read about what I have found out.  TikTok has truly taught me things I didn’t know… I have information regarding one year specifically. One that will make the Holidays extra special.  What year are we searching for this time? This time we are looking for a 1972 penny.  What makes this penny so valuable?  See Below.

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“In God We Trust” and “Liberty”, those are the words that make this penny so valuable.  Exactly how valuable? Up to $14,000! Yes, you did read that correctly… People are receiving up to FOURTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for this penny!

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Let me try to make “cents” out of this for everyone.

Sometimes coins are double minted. Double minting causes issues with coins. In this case, our pennies have the words “In God We Trust” and “Liberty” double-stamped.

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images
Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Check out the video to see exactly what we are looking for.

I know that some of us have purses, cup holders in our cars, or giant empty pickle jars full of change. I also know looking at our coins can be a pain in the neck, but for $14,000 I can afford a massage if I find one!

So pull out all the spare change you have and hopefully you can find yourself with a wallet full of bills instead of coins.

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