James Spann, ABC 33/40, and Townsquare Media Tuscaloosa Chief Meteorologist mentioned that “a fairly complex winter weather pattern is ahead for the next two days.”

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Townsquare Media covers several counties like Bibb, Fayette, Greene, Hale, Lamar, Perry, Pickens, Sumter, Tuscaloosa, and Walker. Since this is a complex winter weather situation, where you are located in the state will give you a different weather scenario. It’s always best to know your location on the map, the county that you live and work in, and neighboring counties.


After midnight the rain becomes extensive north of I59. Then Friday morning Spann mentions that “cold air rushes into the northern counties of Alabama tomorrow morning, there is a chance there could be some light freezing rain or freezing drizzle north of a line from Sulligent to Cullman to Scottsboro, and an attendant chance of some light bridge icing. Not expecting widespread issues, but travelers need to be aware of that potential.”


Spann said that “with cold air in place, a period of freezing rain is likely Friday morning in a broad zone from Mobile to Montgomery to Lafayette. This won't be a crippling ice storm, but it could lead to some bridge icing, so if you are traveling over the southwest or central part of Alabama be aware of that potential during the morning hours.”

“To the north, some light snow, or snow flurries are possible Friday over parts of East and Northeast Alabama, where the cold air is deeper. But models continue to trend drier, and odds of accumulating snow, or travel impact, look low at this point.”

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