As a kid, my Dad used to take me to “feed” the gators in Florida. The outing would always end up with the phrase “don’t tell your mother what we did today.” Seriously, what in the world was he thinking? I can’t lie. I had a blast.

I don’t know what it is about gators that are so fascinating? Apparently, there are tons of people like me that can watch gator videos for hours. It’s amazing how large they can get, how they live and survive.

 According to Outdoor Alabama, “American alligators are found from the southern border of Virginia and North Carolina down the eastern seaboard of the U.S. and westward along the Gulf of Mexico to Texas and throughout Central America.”

 If you like gators, you will enjoy an Alabama adult field trip to Alligator Alley in Summerdale, Alabama. Just a little bit over a four-hour drive from Tuscaloosa. It truly makes for a great stop while on your way to the beach.

 In addition to the alligators, from hatchlings to mature adults, you can hang out with your favorite reptiles like turtles, frogs, and more. Alligator Alley offers a guided adventured and a walking tour on an elevated boardwalk. They also have an “air-conditioned gator station, where you can hold a baby alligator.”

 I have never held a baby alligator before; I’ve always been too scared. 2021 might be the year that a gator selfie is made.

(Source) For more information from Outdoor Alabama, click here. For more information about Alligator Alley, click here.

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