Do I like an adult beverage? Yes. I love a good margarita any day of the week. But, I don’t have to have it. Honestly, I can take it or leave. Now, my last 2020 virtual birthday party has determined everything I just said is a complete lie. But, hey, it was my 50th birthday.

What is at the center of most celebrations?

Someone toasts a new bride and groom with champagne. When you turn 21, you can legally drink in the United States. A huge accomplishment is sometimes recognized with a salutation and glasses clinking in celebration. Most festivities are centered around (you guessed it) liquor.

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A study by notes that people believe there is a benefit to booze. So much so that “1 in 3 Americans believe alcohol has health benefits, such as providing antioxidants and heart benefits.”

I don’t think wine is considered a fruit.

What do Alabamians think about alcohol use?

A survey from notes that the average Alabamians “are willing to miss 3 years of their life keep drinking alcohol.”

WHAT? Alabamians are willing to cut their life short over alcohol. Not this Alabamian. I need all my years. However, if you think that three years is bad, states like “Idaho, Nevada, and South Carolina would miss 5 years.” Yikes.

I think moderation is key. However, if I had to choose between a margarita and coffee, my choice would be coffee. Who am I kidding? I would choose tacos.

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