Amazing Black History Month Classroom Doors

The ways in which Black History Month is celebrated has expanded to the front of Classroom doors.  I believe this is a beautiful way for a teacher to show students their connection to Black History Month.  Also, I think it opens the door to conversations about Black History Month, learning new information about African American history, culture, and that representation matters.

I am a huge fan of Mary McLeod Bethune because she was the founder of Bethune-Cookman College (now University) in Daytona Beach, Florida.  As a proud graduate of Bethune-Cookman, I was so excited to see my fellow Wildcat friend Kava (Mallory) Bell and her classroom door dedicated to Mary McLeod Bethune.  It was such a beautiful tribute to Mary McLeod Bethune; it even had alumni excited too.


I want to thank all the teachers for what you do for the entire school year.  Your creativity is unmatched.  Thank you Kava for bringing awareness to Mary McLeod Bethune, her story is amazing.

If you have noticed some creative Black History Month Classroom Doors, let me know at or on Facebook at @MaryKRadio

(Source) Kava (Mallory) Bell granted permission to use her photo for this story

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