Remember when COVID-19 first began to spread?  Both local and global economies were affected as governments shut down businesses, opting to limit social and business interactions as a means of attempting to spread the virus.  Not much was known about the novel coronavirus except that it was highly contagious and deadly.

As a result of these temporary closures, many businesses folded, unable to maintain the costs of overhead and personnel.

Just the same, some entrepreneurs saw the perfect opportunities to open their businesses. Such is the case for Amber Boutique.

This store, which specializes in women’s fashions from sizes Small to X-Large, opened in Phenix Salons Suites of Tuscaloosa in Midtown Village in late 2020.

Its location is along the sidewalk that runs in front of Phenix. So, passersby may catch a glimpse of the eye-catching merchandise.


Owner Amber Poole says that she has always had an eye for fashion and that as her desire to be a business owner grew, she wasn’t going to let the pandemic be a hindrance to obtaining her goal.

Poole said her faith was a major factor in her decision to go into business. “I keep God first in all I do,” she said when asked what motivates her amid the pandemic. Poole also said that anyone looking to go into business should understand that there may be other people who have the same dreams but that “what’s for you is for you.”


Poole also says that her long-term goal for her boutique is to be global.  With her current mindset, it’s certainly not an impossibility.

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