American Eagle recently removed an accessory from its sales.  You’ll never believe why.

Apparently, the company decided to sell a bracelet that looks like shackles!

When I first saw that post, I thought it was a joke! (You HAVE TO read the comments, by the way.)  So, I did a little research and discovered it was real!

Really?  WHO thought this was a good idea?

The crazy thing is the number of people who see nothing wrong, as it’s just a fashion statement.   If someone created light-colored leather jackets with spots to resemble skin cancer, would it be “just a fashion statement?”

FDA Announces Stricter Guidelines For Sun Screens
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It’s funny how we see everything as overly sensitive until it’s something that applies to us.  What ever happened to doing whatever is necessary to remove the likelihood of offense?

It’s crazy that this even has to be addressed, but what are your thoughts?  Offensive or what?

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