Dear Rude Drivers on McFarland Blvd.,

I’ve had it. Why are there so many rude drivers on McFarland Blvd?  Seriously, there is plenty of space for everyone. I like to consider myself a good and considerate driver.

In September, I’ve have witnessed some crazy and down-right rude drivers. It was stuff that makes you question where they even got their driver’s license. It’s not the speeding that drives me nuts but the bad driving habits that affect everyone.

Please stop going from the far right lane to the far left lane without looking because you need to turn left on 15th Street. I mean ole’ boy didn’t even put on his blinkers. Nearly caused a three-car accident, and had the nerve to shoot us all the middle finger.  If I knew your mama, I would have called her.

I’m guilty of going slow past Snow Hinton Park. I like to look at the men that run with there shirts off. Stop hating us that want to check out the eye candy. Don’t like us going slow, then tell the men to put their shirts on.

Please stop riding people’s bumpers. I know you love tailgating and miss it.  But, stop it on the road. Maybe you don’t realize, but there are cars in front of us, and we can’t go any faster than what they are going. Honking your horn doesn’t make me go more quickly or the people in front of me go faster. Blow it again; I’m just going to stop.  Right! In! The! Middle! Of! McFarland Blvd!

Another issue is the lack of using turn signals.  Listen, I’m no saint when it comes to using turn signals. But for the LOVE of Tuscaloosa, stop merging in tight traffic conditions without using your turn signals. HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO KNOW you need to get into the lane. Then look dumbfounded when no one lets you in the lane. Take your non-using turn signal privilege to another state.

Rude drivers of McFarland Blvd, please stop driving like you are on the Talladega Superspeedway. Going fast, darting in and out. Honey, we are going to end up at the light together. I smiled at you.

Someone has to feel me on this subject.  Rude Pick-Up Truck Drivers. When it rains, just know you can hydroplane too.

Then there is the whole mystery of actually using your turn signal.  You start merging. Then the car in that lane speeds up to block you come over.  HOW MUCH SENSE DOES THAT MAKE? To the rude woman this past weekend, you found out REAL QUICK.  I’m still coming over. WHY? I have more insurance than you. Period. Don’t think I didn’t notice you nearly spilled your high priced latte. It truly made my day.

What is with the last minute breaking on McFarland Blvd? I swear on my purse collection, this chick slammed on her breaks for no reason. Oh, I know, probably got a text from her boothang.


Smooches, Mary K


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