I was really trying not to bring back my 'Dumb A$$ Criminals' posts but you have got to hear about this. Instead a single D.A.C., this time there are 2, and their brothers! It all started when police responded to a burglary alarm at a T-Mobile store and were told by the manager that 113 cell phones, as well as a large amount cash was missing from the store,

Upon further investigation video surveillance cameras from an A.T.M. nearby provided a clear view of the front of store where the 2 brothers who both work at the store are seen loading up their cars after store hours.

What makes it so bad is they still had on their T-Mobile employee shirts.

One brother was assistant manager and the other a worker. They tried to make it seem like a burglary to cover their tracks but, only 3 people had keys and knew the combination to the safe and the older brother was one of them.

You didn't think you would get caught?

No one ever does.

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