This Saturday, a Stop the Violence event is being held at Crescent East Apartments!

Tuscaloosa community leader Darryl McKinstry is planning a protest against violence.  It is set to begin at 4:00 p.m.

McKinstry says that just as a stand has been taken against police brutality, it is important for citizens to take the same stand against gun violence. Just Monday night, an 8-year-old was injured after being struck by gunfire during a shootout involving multiple people across multiple blocks in Crescent East Apartments. Source.

“What about Black on Black violence” is a statement often made when unrelated issues are brought up, such as the calling for attention to the fact that Black lives matter as much as any other.  It is suggested that Black people should value Black lives first if anyone else is supposed to value them.

While it is true that Blacks have a higher prevalence of violent crime per capita, it is also true that the cause is directly related to systemic racism that contributes to Black people being most likely to be denied a job, most likely to suffer harsher punishments in the judicial system, and most likely to turn to crime as a means of income.

When a person’s immediate surrounding is a perfect example of poverty and debt-ridden cycles, it is what he learns until he is taught something different.  So, it is up to those who CAN make a difference to reach out and help the ignorantly downtrodden see a way out, even if that means being a mentor in regular contact.

A subject doesn’t have to be a suspect.

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Black Lives Matter Murals

Black Lives Matter Murals


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