Christmas presents


We're in the home stretch, the Holiday season is just about over!  If you're starting to feel burned out, here's some tips on how to deal with all stress of the holidays!



1.  Eating too much sugar.  One day of inhaling sweets isn't going to hurt too much.  It's enjoying sugar for the entire month of December, that's a problem.

After over-indulging in sugary foods is to go for a walk to burn off the extra calories, the more you ate, the longer you walk.

2.  Too much salt.  Sodium can cause bloating and make your heart work harder than it needs to.  Drink Water to flush the sodium.

3.  Too many cocktails.  Dehydration is one of the main factors of a hangover. Before going to bed, drink at LEAST a glass of water or a sports drink

4.  Family overload.  If being around family gets to be too much, get some alone time! Offer to go to the store for whatever is needed or was forgotten.

5.  Disrupted sleep. This whole Holiday season is going to mess with your sleep! Whether you'tr eating and drinking too much, partying until 5 AM, even sleeping at a relative's house can mess with your sleep.

The best thing you can do is wake up at your normal time, even if you were out late or tossed and turned all night.  Both Holidays are on a Tuesday.  Coming back to work after Christmas wasn't easy, the day after New Years may be a little difficult as well id you go overboard.  Celebrate wisely!

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