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Signs that you too are a backseat driver!

Not only is backseat driving  one of the most ANNOYING things a person can do but according to this survey,  it's also dangerous!

A new survey found that 7% of people have gotten into an accident because of a backseat driver. Now the crazy thing is, as  I'm reading these it sounds a lot like ME!!!  Could it be that I'm a backseat driver??  According to this survey, I'm a backseat driver, you could be one too!

Here are the top 10 things they do, according to the survey . . .


1. Criticizing the driver's decisions

2. complaining about them going too fast

3. gasping when they brake

4. flinching when they get too close to another car

5. complaining about them going too slow

6. Pointing out when to turn

7. pressing an imaginary brake pedal like you're a drivers' ed teacher

8. giving the driver advice on switching lanes

9. pointing out when lights turn green

10. insisting on giving directions


Actually, I think I do ALL of these, wow!  Ok, I promise to no longer be a backseat driver! I'd be mad if someone bugged me like that!