It may be Spring break for local schools and university's but it doesn't look like the winter weather and temperatures are taking a break anytime soon.

We've had the chilliest overnight temperatures since January the past few nights.

Are you prepared for even colder temperatures? If not, here's how you can get ready.

First and foremost, you should treat cold weather warnings just like any other severe weather warning. A lot of people often times unprepared because they don't take the cold weather warnings seriously.

1. Have an emergency First Aid Kit, you never know what can happen.

2. Don't get on any roads, the roads may be slick, even if it doesn't look like it.

3. Have your car checked by a mechanic for anti-freeze, brakes, and etc.

4. Make sure your home is properly insulated, windows, walls, cracks and corners.

5. Install carbon monoxide detectors in your home. There seems to be a spike in carbon monoxide deaths due to generators, and other electrical units.

6. Keep blankets,water,and snacks in your car. You never know if you'll be stuck in your car because of car problems.

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