Well it’s time for spring cleaning. This is when you realize how many things have been neglected or just put off. I’m talking about things like the refrigerator, the pantry, the home office, the outside storage room or a junk drawer.

Just how do you attack spring cleaning? Do you clean a room a day until you have cleaned all the rooms in your house? After you have completed the inside you move outside and pressure wash the house, clean the gutters and wash the windows anything else that you discover. Then you spend the next couple of weeks getting the yard together.

No matter how you look at it spring cleaning will require more than a couple of days of your time unless you have a lot of helping hands. Another thing to take into consideration is repairs and tune ups. You always find something that needs a tune up or repairing. I call them spring budget busters!

If you have any spring cleaning tips please feel free to share them? Happy cleaning!

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