Well it’s time of year. It’s time to think about spring cleaning, landscaping and re-potting the plants. A couple of years ago I re-potted a beautiful Spathiphyllum aka Peace Lilly I had for almost 5 years and it died. During those 5 years I never re-potted or even thought about re-potting it. Here is why you don’t try everything you see on TV.

I stumbled across this lady on TV stressing the importance of repotting your house plants in the spring. And like everything else on TV her plants were so pretty. I was excited. I went to Lowes as soon as the show ended. I brought everything she used. The brand of soil, plant food I even brought spray bottles. I repotted my plant. After about a week I noticed it was looking better. I was so proud.

Well a few weeks later it took a turn for the worst. Leaves started falling off and the plant was dying. I tried everything to save it but to no avail. A lady in a lawn and garden center told me it had root rot. I was so mad. It didn’t have root rot before I put it in new soil. She also explained that I had the wrong type of soil for that type of plant. I thought dirt was dirt.

Before you repot your plants, if you don’t know what you are doing ask somebody who knows.

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