Everyone who watched Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly is well aware that while many spoke about the heinous acts committed by the performer, the only other artist to participate in the docuseries was John Legend.

Look at what he had to say about his involvement:

[Warning: Strong language]

(Credit: Twitter/John Legend)
(Credit: Twitter/John Legend)

He goes on to Tweet a number of other comments on the topic.

Here's the deal, though...

When it comes to artistry, we often tend to overlook an artist's personal issues and focus on the art produced.  For instance, his career took a downturn, but even after being accused of raping Desiree Washington, boxer Mike Tyson went on to continue fighting upon his release from incarceration.

When charges were brought against Bill Cosby, much of American held fast to the view of "America's Dad" and continued to watch reruns of The Cosby Show. Many caped for him until the verdict was given.

Are we REALLY that able to separate the artist from his work? If so, where do we draw the line?

What are your thoughts?

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