During these tough times, we can all use light moments.

While we can't really go to a comedy show right during this quarantine, we can watch some of our comedy favorites on television.  But what do you do when you've seen them all and want to see something fresh?

You turn to Facebook Live, of course!

These days, EVERYBODY is going live! And we greatly appreciate it as it provides not only entertainment but also a solution to the need for interaction with someone other than those in your immediate surroundings.

Stores are having virtual sales, churches are having virtual services, artists are performing virtual concerts, and DJs are hosting virtual parties. Why not add a virtual comedy show?

We are all doing what we can to keep small businesses afloat, and it’s special when artists use their crafts to entertain us and give us a brief respite from life’s circumstances. So, if you need a “pick me up,” don’t miss Comedian Lamar Pullom and Demetrius “DJ Tank Sinatra” Ervin tonight at 7:00.

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