We've all seen the television show "What Would You Do?" and made statements of what we'd do in certain circumstances, but we really don't know what we'd do until we're placed into a situation.

I had one of those moments a few months ago.  I went to the ATM at my bank and requested a certain amount of money.  Well, the ATM gave me an extra $40. Two $20 bills were stuck to 2 others.

I counted the money three times to be sure I wasn't mistaken. For a split second, I considered thanking God for an unexpected blessing.  Then, I thought about the fact that I knew someone would be held accountable for the error.

With mixed emotions, I put the money in an envelope and wrote a note describing what happened before dropping it in the night deposit box.

I only had mixed emotions because 1- I knew that NOBODY would ever know what happened to the money, and 2- Most of us can think up a scripture to justify wrongdoing. "The wealth of the wicked..." was my go-to in that instance.

Now, I'm not gonna lie... If it happens again, I'm going to take it as a sign and keep the money.

Be honest, what would you have done?

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