One listen to singer 's recently-released 'The Florida Files' EP and it'll be clear that he loves the ladies. A good portion of the feel-good project focuses on the fairer sex -- like in the R. Kelly-inspired 'Vibe' and 'Letter,' in which he tells his girl that he's penning her something personal on paper, "no text, no email, something real." This line can lead to a misconception though. The singer actually does like technology, apps in particular.

The Boombox sat down with B. Smyth to talk about his 10 favorite apps, most of which are free. He also breaks down some of his pet peeves concerning some of them. This is one crooner who isn't ready to abandon technology just yet.


"I’m on Vine a lot. People are starting to get real creative on Vine."

Mxtapes (livemixtapes player)

"That’s probably the one I’m on the most right now. I like theDedication 2,' ‘The Suffix,’ ‘The Prefix’ … Big Sean’s ‘Detroit.'"


"I’m on that 24/7. I’m just talking to my fans and just seeing what they’re up to. I use that one a lot. I was a skeptic because I didn’t know what to do on it. I didn’t know what to say or what to tweet about. I had a Twitter for like a year before I even used it. Once I got on it, it was just a good way to keep in contact with my fans. Sometimes I leave [direct messages] alone. Sometimes I respond. When it’s business I respond, but for the most part, it do get crazy in the DMs."

"Especially if you follow back some fans, sometimes they just repeatedly send over messages. Sometimes you get crazy messages, sometimes you get spam and sometimes people will screenshot you. If you get a crazy fan and you start talking to them … I just seen a lot of horror stories where people get screenshoted and their [business] just gets put out. So I try to stay away from that."


"I would recommend people to stop catfishing. That’s the one thing I hate about Facebook, but it’s become just not real. You don’t know who’s the real person, and you get a lot of imposters and people making fake pages. That’s just the one thing I would tell people not to do. People don’t understand that social media is not real life. You can be anything you want to be online. It’s not real, so people kind of get that line blurred.

You got to make sure that’s really a girl and not a 40-year-old guy somewhere that’s just making fun. Sometimes you just got to gauge it… Sometimes you can just talk to somebody that you know. If they don’t know [the potential connection] personally, they might know of them or go to their school. Just to keep it as close as possible."


"I’m on Instagram a lot. Almost everyday. Sometimes the captions with the pictures are cool, but sometimes they just get kind of weird with people just saying stupid stuff on them. It’s just switching it up. Sometimes I have a problem when I gets redundant and I just post a bunch of shoes or a bunch of Don C hats. You can switch it up by posting an inspirational quotes, you can post pictures of other people to shout people out. Just keep it diverse.

"You know, the girls for the most part comment … the girls would say some wild stuff. But I hate when I get dudes on my Instagram commenting on my pictures. If they’re saying something negative with my picture, I’m like 'bro, you could’ve easily just not followed me.' Like, why do you follow me? That’s the dumbest thing. They could easily just hit unfollow. That’s weird."


"I think it’s just a dope app. You can put a lot of different cool filters with it. It’s just a cool app. It has diverse filters, and it always updates. So it always has new stuff going on."


"It’s just a lot more flamboyant. There’s a lot of crazier filters. You can do more creative things as far as coloring it a certain way, putting writing on it. Camera+ is more for you if you’re a photo guy, whereas BeFunky is more fun and all over the place. Sometimes people want to put 300 filters on a pic or whatever, but I think it’s based on your opinion."


"I got this basically from one of my vocal coaches. I was in Atlanta for a couple of months and she put me on to the app. It’s basically about notes and keys, and it tells you what note you’re singing and what key you’re singing. It’s basically for anybody that sings or plays the guitar or piano. You just use it for your own practice to hit certain notes I teaches you if you’re hitting the wrong notes or if you’re hitting it under."


"I use It a lot with my friends or whenever I’m out in different cities and I want to show people what’s going on."


"That’s just something everybody can use. I have an iPhone and sometimes I just use the Maps app. Mapquest is dope too because it’s a GPS. I don’t know what more I can say about that. It was one time where I was in L.A. and I was trying to do some shopping and I didn’t have a car charger or anything and I didn’t know where I was at. So I had to run to the gas station to get a car charger real fast to use Mapquest because I was in the middle of nowhere."