B. Smyth is still busy promoting his recently released EP, 'The Florida Files,' but that hasn't stopped him from debuting new music. The singer woos the opposite sex on 'Twerkoholic.'

The track finds B. Smyth thinking about the lady he admires in the same third-person manner that he does in the R. Kelly-sampled 'Vibe.' It appears this girl is a fan of provocative dancing though. The catch is he's the only one that can bring that side out of her.

"I'll be your designated driver, girl / I want to take you home right to the bed / Let's skip the pillow talk," he sings.

The twinkling Bigg D & Lamb-produced song will appear on B. Smyth's upcoming full-length album, which is scheduled to drop sometime in 2014.

Listen to B. Smyth's 'Twerkoholic'