I just cleaned the bathrooms in my home Saturday morning, but what I just saw makes me want to clean them again!


Apparently, Pickens County High School either doesn’t have a janitor, cleaning bathrooms isn’t in his or her contract, or somebody is significantly overpaid.

According to the parent who posted these photos, these pictures were taken at the school's weight room.  The school's principal is said to have known about the restroom's condition, but it still went unattended.

This is absolutely disgusting, and there is no excuse for it!

As a matter of fact....


  • A gas station bathroom.
  • The floor at the movies.
  • The inside of my trash can.
  • Unclean chitterlings.
  • Every porta-potty I've ever entered.


Well, there's one thing for sure: They certainly don't put their athletes before the other students.




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