Attention: Shopaholics, get ready for weekend savings! Belk is holding its charity sale this Saturday.

If you've never been to one, here's what its all about:

Local charities sell tickets (given to them by Belk) for the opportunity to take advantage of store sales often hours earlier than other buyers.  So, the price of the ticket not only benefits the charity, but it also gives the shopper the pick of best items.

Why is it called a charity sale?

As mentioned above, Belk provides local charities with tickets to sell for the sale.  Each charity keeps the money from the tickets sold.  So, if a group is given 100 tickets, which are sold at $5 per ticket, that groups has produced a $500 donation for itself, courtesy of Belk.

How does a charity get involved?

To become a participant in Belk's charity sale, an organization representative must visit the store and produce paperwork, identifying the non-profit status. From there, tickets are provided for the group. It's just that simple.... Well, maybe not THAT simple, but that's the gist of it.

With that being said, who's got those tickets?  Tag yourself, your organization, or both.

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