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The state of Alabama and football go hand and hand. There is lots of love for high school and college football throughout the Yellowhammer State. I often wonder why we don’t have an NFL team here.

Growing up, I played softball and summer league basketball. Let’s just say I looked good in the uniform. Music was more of my thing which is physical as well. I did love watching football with my Dad. College wise, we cheered on the West Virginia Mountaineers, Duke, and the University of Miami.

What I learned from sports coaches and music directors is having a strategic mindset. I like that. Last week, I posted a poll on Facebook that got Alabamians chatting about college football coaches. [Besides Bryant and Saban] Who do you think are the best college football coaches past and present?

Here are the most mentioned college football coaches. It was a three-way tie for the most mentioned, along with the contenders.

College Football Coaches That Alabamians Admire


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