A new Beyonce song, 'God Made You Beautiful,' leaked partially this week, and now the full track is online. How is it?

It's, well, beautiful.

Beyonce's soaring vocals make the ballad positively heavenly. It's reminiscent of 'Halo' in terms of harmonies as well as spiritual themes. The song is an ode to Bey and Jay-Z's baby girl, Blue Ivy, and it's evident in the lyrics. "Lucky me, you were brought into my life," Beyonce sings. "I kiss those little feet and watch for your perfect smile."

The song is a heartwarming soundtrack to a mother's love, Bey's answer to Hov's 'Glory' and 'Jay Z Blue.' Expect to hear this at weddings, baby showers and Sweet 16s. Aww!

'God Made You Beautiful' will appear on Beyonce's 'Life Is But a Dream' DVD, due tomorrow (Nov. 25). It's unclear whether the song, along with 'Grown Woman' and 'Standing On the Sun,' will be on Bey's upcoming album. But we do know it's making us itch and ache for more Bey music stat!


Listen to Beyonce, 'God Made You Beautiful'

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