Most people would agree that it's important for hold elected officials to be accountable to the citizens they represent. However, not all would go through the measures taken by Carlos Chaverst, Jr.

In a video posted to Facebook, Chaverst has some pretty choice words for the Birmingham city council and mayor, undoubtedly evoked by raw emotion.

(Warning: VERY strong language. NSFW)

Sure, there is an uproar about the language he chose to use, and it may have overshadowed the point Chaverst attempted to make.

He says that the deal made to build a new stadium in the city was a bad deal.  He notes the cost of the structure and how long the city will be making payments.  Of course, every resident can name various projects on which taxpayer funds should be spent.  When it comes to allocation of funding, should residents be consulted before elected officials vote, or should elected officials simply vote for what they think is best?

Should it be uncommon for residents to sound off with deep emotion when they feel their concerns aren't being addressed?  What are your thoughts?


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