Tired of always searching for my daughter's shoes when it's time to go, I bought her a bin to go under her bed. However, that wasn't the most convenient.

So, I got the bright idea to use a bookcase as a shoe display.

I found a couple of shelves on sale a few weeks ago but never had the time to put them together until today.... Well, for one of them anyway.

I put the case together but opted to not have the shelves straight. Instead, I put the prongs in at a slant so that the toes of the shoes point downward.

Because my daughter is only 7, she's definitely going to be able to have more shoes on her shelves than I am, but I'm still excited about putting mine together... So excited that I put a few of my shoes on her shelves to see how it would look.

I think this may be my best solution yet!

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