If never before, during perilous times, we see a surge in appreciation for those who we've probably taken for granted.

After teachers, first responders and medical personnel probably top the list, as they literally put their lives on the line to save the lives of others. So, it is completely understandable why so many others are using their resources to show appreciation to such workers.

One entity that has put its money in the place of its mouth is BP America!

BP is offering a $.50 per gallon discount at BP and Amoco stations for local heroes.  These include police officers, firefighters, EMT, doctors, nurses, and hospital workers all over the country! So be sure to share this information with all of your loved ones who work in any of these capacities, whether they're in your local area or not.

With the price of gasoline being lower than $1.50 in some areas, this means some are refueling for less than $1.00 per gallon.

To get eligibility information, click here.

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