A bride's dream wedding day turned into a nightmare after she accidentally poisoned herself with her bouquet.
The bride thought it would be romantic to pick her own wild flowers the night before her special day.

She spotted some pretty, delicate white flowers growing and picked a some. But, unknown to her was that her beautiful bouquet was actually full of snow-on-the-mountains - which can cause a very serious allergic reaction similar to poison ivy.

She returned home that evening and went to bed, ready for her big day.

But when she woke in the morning, and washed her face with her hands still covered sap from the snow-on-the-mountains, her face broke out in a rash while her eyes were so swollen she could barely see.

She attempted to go to her local hospital but found the emergency room was closed.

So, desperate not to miss her own wedding day, she decided to brave the pain and the rash, and walk down the aisle with husband-to-be.

After struggling through the ceremony - with her barely able to read her own vows, the newlyweds were forced to miss their own reception to rush the bride to hospital.

Doctors gave her a steroid injection to bring down the allergic reaction.

And while she was still in pain, and covered in a rash, she decided she couldn't miss her own reception. The bride said,

I had a rash still on my neck so I wanted to get my dress off because I wanted to be comfortable and so he ran into target and got me a shirt that said 'Bride' on it and pajama pants and that's what I wore into our reception,

And after a rather bumpy start to marriage, she said the events of their wedding day, in September, only brought them closer together. All the more reason it is said that some things should be left up to professionals.


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