Build-A-Bear Workshop Store At Mall of America
Adam Bettcher


Did you know Build-a-Bear Workshop ran a special sale last week, where kids could get a bear for the price of their AGE! Bears usually run at least $20!

Unfortunately, it's summer, which means kids aren't in school and as parents desperately find things for the kids to do, so EVERYONE got the memo about the sale.

MASSIVE crowds showed up all around the country! The stores started running out of inventor, according to reports, things were descending into, quote, "madness" . . . so they quickly stopped the promotion! At around 11:30 A.M. Eastern they posted a messages on their social media saying they were shutting down the promotion for, quote, "safety concerns."

So, of course, the people who had been waiting in lines for hours were not happy at all! Now Build-a-Bear has been getting trashed all weekend on Facebook and Twitter.  Honestly, I think this was a great idea, they just had to ready for all those kids!  Maybe there should have been a time limit!  I be they will rethink that for the next promotion!