Oftentimes, people with good intentions make bad decisions that affect them far beyond the time it took to get into trouble.  For those having a hard time finding employment, help is available!

The Ollie Washington Pre-Apprentice Construction Class teaches various trades related to building, renovations, and repairs.  Taught by qualified specialists, the class is completely free for its students, but registration is required.

building program

The class offers hands on job skills training. In fact, current and former students will take part in building a cabin. Once the class has been complete, students will have the knowledge needed to pursue jobs in construction and general labor, which often have open positions.

So, those who may have difficulty finding jobs could be more prepared to create their own.  In addition, these skill sets can be used to further enhance neighborhoods, which increases property values, making it easier for some to use their current positions as stepping stones rather than final destinations.

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