America's favorite misbehaving teen has gotten into the music game.

Danielle Bregoli, better known to millions as the "Cash Me Outside" girl, has put out a rap song, reports TMZ. Get a load of her recording effort above.

And while Bregoli, fresh off receiving probation, may only be 14, her tune is definitely not age appropriate. It's called "These Heaux" -- that's pronounced "h--" -- and features the following R-rated lyrics:

"These h--- be lackin', see me in back and / They talk all this s--- but don't say it in person / Water, water drippin', come take a peek / You in a trailer h-, b----- you can't compete."

Ah, such wholesome fare, right? Bob Dylan himself would be jealous he didn't craft such brilliant poetry.

TMZ also reports that Bregoli is calling herself "Bhad Bhabie," which is pronounced "bad baby," because in addition to acting like an upstanding teen, she apparently also has no interest in proper spelling.

Of course, Bregoli is no stranger to talking like her mouth needs to be washed out with soap. Check out a Q&A she hosted on her YouTube channel a few weeks back.

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