Unfortunately, we are now living in a time where identity theft is at an all-time high. Most of us have had an encounter that caused us to question whether or not our personal information was safe, especially when using credit cards for purchases.

One of the most common places where card information is stolen is at the fuel pump.  ABC 33/40 has released information on how to identify skimmers at the pump, which can steal card numbers.  This information is especially useful around holidays where travel increases, and it is said that skimmers are more likely to be found at service stations near interstate highways. (But that’s where the gas is most economical, right?)

So, a few tips given were to check the card reader for any sign of tampering and even checking your cell phone Bluetooth setting for unusual numbers. (Hadn’t thought of THAT ONE AT ALL!) If that caught you off guard as much as it did us, check out why that’s important as well as other tips by clicking here.

It's CRAZY how quickly a skimmer can be installed, even INSIDE the service station or convenience store!


And here's a video on ways to identify a skimmer not only on the fuel pumps but also on the ATM!


It's crazy that we even have to go through this.  Why can't people just go to work and manage their earnings like every other decent working person?

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