Today is a holiday, and it’s all about YOU!


Let’s face it, if it exists, there’s probably a day to celebrate it or some sort of observance!

This one, we’ll take.

Most of us have some sort of talent that is unique.  It may not be one of a kind, but it’s definitely uncommon.

It could be something as simple as the ability to roll your eyes to the back of the head, or maybe it’s being able to walk up or down a set of stairs on your hands. The fact of the matter is that we all have some talent that sets us apart from the masses.

A photographic memory: Talent.

Being able to see a dance sequence once and then perform it: Talent.

Singing a song note for note with perfect pitch: Talent.

Knowing the best speed to travel up or down Lurleen B. Wallace Boulevard in downtown Tuscaloosa to make each light without hitting your brakes… Uhhh… Nah, that’s not talent.  That just takes a bit of paying attention.

But whatever your talent is, you should celebrate it! Why?  It is proof that there is no one in the world quite like you.  Sure, some others may have similarities; but when it comes down to being YOU, you are the absolute best at it.  In fact, only you can do that!

And if that’s the only talent you think you possess, it’s ok! It’s the most unique of all… And that is… YOU ARE worth celebrating!

Cakes for all!!! Of course, you have to buy it yourself. But then again, you deserve it. Treat yourself!

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