Lied about your income to make yourself eligible for government benefits?  Be careful. The authorities could come for you.

Sometimes, it's seemingly a matter of survival: Those who need assistance find out eligibility requirements for certain government programs, and they manipulate a few numbers to make themselves fit into the programs.  This is especially more common with those who are just beyond the boundaries.  They might miss the cut off by a few hundred dollars.

Whatever the case, in our “twin” state of Mississippi, Tiffany Ames, 39, was recently arrested after a probe in which it was discovered that she allegedly failed to report all of her income and was given over $27,300 in food benefits. Full story.

Talk about bad timing!

This is the time of year where EVERYBODY eats!

No doubt about it, Ames was going to have a hearty Thanksgiving!  If they let her get over $27,000, they could have waited until the first of the year to crack down on her. Now, all the neighbors who would normally come by for a “lil some t’eat,” (you know that’s how you say it in the country)… Yeah, they can hang it up.

As a matter of fact, it was probably somebody who was banished from the barbecue who alerted the authorities.

ONLY a hater would do such a thing. What did Ms. Ames do to you? If you had said, “Hey, girl. I know what you’re doing and if you don’t start reporting your income, I’m telling,” guess what she would have done: invited you over to discuss it over a delicious dinner.  Instead, you told; and what has that gotten you? Nothing. You're still hungry, and now she can't share with you or anybody else.

(Side note: if they cracked down on the food benefits, you KNOW the IRS and state are coming at tax time.)

This certainly isn't a laughing matter, but sometimes you have to find humor in even the most embarrassing situations. Hold your head high, Ms. Ames... And next time, invite EVERYBODY to the barbecue.

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