The second anniversary of April 27, 2011 is here. The wounds of that day are not fresh, but not completely healed either.  Like any wound, healing comes in time. It’s been two years. Go to the affected areas and you can see how far the City of Tuscaloosa has come, and you can imagine the possibilities for continued development and improvement.

As Tuscaloosa reflects on this commemoration, pause in remembrance for all that was destroyed and loved ones who were lost. But also take note of all the wonderful accomplishments. Businesses and homes are repaired and rebuilt. While some may still be in the process, they’re coming back.


Businesses in the recovery zone can take advantage of the City’s commercial revolving loan program. The loan is offered at a 0% interest rate and is eligible for a variety of uses.


People looking to purchase a home or rebuild in the recovery zone may qualify for the City’s homebuyer assistance program. A person who was occupying a residence (whether owned or rented) within the recovery zone on the day of the storm can apply.  Just visit the city's recovery page.

In addition to offering revitalization programs, the City of Tuscaloosa is planning “celebrating recovery” events during the week leading up to April 27. There will be groundbreakings for the new fire station four and a community garden, an open house for the new police precinct and numerous other community events.

On Saturday, April 27, the City of Tuscaloosa will host the seventh annual Mayor’s Cup 5k race. The Mayor’s Cup has always been scheduled for that time of year. In fact, the only year the race didn’t take place in the spring was in 2011. This year, we celebrate Tuscaloosa’s healing process by holding it on the anniversary.

Before this City gets to that anniversary, City officials want to speak with you. On Thursday, April 18, 4:30-6:30 p.m. at Central High School, Mayor Walter Maddox, council members and City staff will be on hand at Community Conversations, a come-and-go event for you to discuss anything going on in Tuscaloosa, including recovery efforts.

Tuscaloosa is healing. And soon, the wounds will have healed and the scars faded.

For more information, call Tuscaloosa 311 at 205-248-5311 or visit


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