As of late, most people have been avoiding businesses along 20/59 out of fear of criminal activity. With that in mind, I made a trip to Walmart early this afternoon, and I encountered someone that made me end my phone call!

I don't usually talk on the phone while walking into or out of the store, but I received a call while inside.  So, I was talking on the phone and looking for a particular item, when I happened upon THIS man!


Mr. Hodges is only the greatest band director in West Alabama!

I told him it was so ironic running into him today because I just had a discussion this morning about how serious he was about musicianship!

He would NOT let us dance if our music wasn't up to par, he took time to bring EVERY instrument into tune at the start of each rehearsal and then as practice continued, we had to march into various formations while playing, and I never did figure out how he could be in the stands, hear a bad note, and know exactly who did it!

There is no way anyone who studied music under Mr. Hodges could listen to music without being critical. We hear when music comes from a studio and artists are sharp or flat.  And live performances.... Oh boy!

I'm a firm believer of giving people their flowers while they live.  So, Mr. Hodges, thank you for being such a remarkable person and for caring about these little children in some of the poorest areas in the state/country, for teaching us discipline beyond our parents' grasps, and for teaching us how to curse without cursing!

We love you, Scampbooger!

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