Chris Brown didn’t get a chance to fight Soulja Boy, but he allegedly threw hands at a photographer in Tampa, Fla., early Monday morning (April 17).

According to TMZ, Brown was making a paid appearance at Aja Channelside when suddenly he got into a fight with the club's in-house photographer. It all started when Breezy and his crew entered the club and they immediately told the unidentified photog that taking pictures of the singer was not allowed.

Later in the night, when Brown was in the DJ booth, that said photographer was taking crowd photos behind the singer and that’s when the altercation popped off. The photographer told TMZ that Brown leaped over the couch and socked him in the mouth.

In the video above, you can see the singer (in the red sweatshirt) and his bodyguard (wearing yellow) appearing to rough somebody up. Tnterestingly, it happened while Future's "Mask Off" was playing in the club.

Police were called to the scene but Brown and his entourage left by the time they arrived. However, the photographer suffered a busted lip and a possible bruised jaw over the incident. The unidentified cameraman plans to filed a police report. We also suspect a lawsuit will follow as well.

Reps for Chris Brown had no comment on the matter.

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