Chris Brown arrested in Tampa for an incident that happened in  April of Last Year!  


Officials said that Brown was arrested in West Palm Beach for hitting a photographer back in April 2017 in Tampa.

As you know, Chris Brown is on his Heartbreak On A Full Moon Tour, which supposed to be here tomorrow!  So when Chris Brown walked off stage after his concert in Florida last night, sheriff's deputies was waiting for him with some shinny silver bracelets, they arrested him on a felony battery charge and booked him into the Palm Beach County Jail.

The warrant alleges Brown battered Bennie Vines Jr., who was hired by a club to take photos during an event hosted by Brown. Vines told officers that while he was snapping photos, Brown punched him. Brown was gone by the time officers arrived that night. Vines refused medical treatment, but told officers he wanted to prosecute because of a minor lip cut. These officers traveled FOUR hours to arrest Chris for this!

A sheriff's spokeswoman said Chris was released after posting $2,000 bond on the battery charge issued by the sheriff's office in Hillsborough County.

So I know the big question is, will Chris Brown Tour go on and will he be here tomorrow?  As  far as I know right now...Yes!