Chris Brown can't seem to stay out of trouble. His latest assault arrest in the wee hours of this morning (Oct. 27) has him not only in hot water, but also in jail. What exactly happened?

The alleged assault victim told TMZ that he and a pal photobombed a picture that Brown was taking with two female fans, at which point Brown flipped out and punched him in the face, breaking his nose. Yikes! He reports that Brown also used homophobic language, telling him, "I'm not into this gay s---, I'm into boxing," before taking his swing.

The victim also alleges that the injury was so bad that he may need surgery as soon as tomorrow.

However, sources close to Brown insist that the incident was much different. Breezy's confidantes claim that the victim and his friend were actually trying to get onto the singer's tour bus, and that Brown and Brown's bodyguard were merely preventing a trespass from going down. Brown's sources further claim that the two girls with whom he supposedly posed for a photo had actually attempted to get onto the bus as well. When the girls were being apprehended by security, that's when the victim and his associate reportedly made their move.

In the meantime, Brown and his bodyguard will remain in jail until tomorrow (Oct. 28) when they'll face a magistrate. We guess the truth will have to wait to come out in court!

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