Chris Brown is getting the heck out of Hollywood Hills, much to his neighbors' delight. But he may soon discover he doesn't like his new neighborhood that much more than his old one!

TMZ reports that Breezy put in an offer in the Malibu. Brown's bid is on a mansion in an exclusive gated community where tons of other boldfaced names live. However, his reason for leaving the Hollywood Hills may prove to be an even worse problem in his new community.

Sources dish that the final straw for Brown causing him to leave the Hills was when he was cited for tagging his own property. Brown is an avid lover of graffiti and visual art and loves to paint, and he was not happy when he was reprimanded by painting on his own walls.

Malibu residences are even pricier than the pads in the Hollywood Hills, and their building codes, which include graffiti, are even stricter than those of the Hills.

TMZ also notes that Brown's future potential Malibu neighbors also dislike ragers, loud music and street racing. wE guess Brown's pal Justin Bieber won't be visiting anytime soon!

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