In our current state of affairs, more of us are realizing the importance of eating a balanced diet as a means of obtaining adequate vitamins in addition to simply taking daily vitamins.

However, as it is often stated, eating healthy can be quite expensive. The short term cost of junk food is much less than the cost of healthy food. In addition, it could be argued that healthy food is digested at a quicker rate, causing one to want to eat more often.

Yet, because fruits and vegetables contain all of the nutrients we need without processing, it is important that we include them in our regular diets.

So, what does one do when fresh produce is seemingly out of budget?

Well, the first place to stop is at Faith in Action Ministries!


Monday, July 27th, Faith in Action Ministries will host a fresh fruits and vegetables drive-thru giveaway. The church's location at 3518 Loop Rd will be the site where food may be picked up.  The event will begin at 10:00 a.m. and will end at 5:00 p.m. or when all of the food has been given away.

As part of the event, fans will have the opportunity to be up close to recording artist Alvin Garrett, who will be assisting in passing out the food boxes.  In his first major release "By Myself," Garrett expresses the willingness to stand alone and press towards success.

However, in his latest release "Something's Different This Time," Garrett sings of the despair we all felt following the May 2020 death of George Floyd.

In feeling not only the sadness but also the need to do something, Garrett understood the importance of reaching out to his fellow man. So, when his parents decided to host the fresh produce giveaway at Faith in Action Ministries, Alvin Jr. knew this would be a good opportunity to serve the community where he grew up.

To limit one's interactions with others and aid in fighting the spread of COVID-19, recipients are strongly encouraged to remain in their vehicles and receive their food boxes.

For more information, visit Faith in Action Ministries on Monday, July 27.

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