Much of social media was ablaze last night with the video of comedian Steve Brown being attacked on stage during a show in South Carolina.  EVERYBODY wanted to know where security was, or if there even was any security.

Never the less, Brown tells his side of what happened, which is pretty much what others who attended the show stated.


UPDATE:  Steve Brown tells his side of what happened.

(WARNING: Strong language.)


Original Story: 

Most of us have attended a comedy show where either a heckler or someone else in the audience becomes the butt of a comedian's joke. According to many in attendance, one show goer didn't give Steve Brown a chance before he went into a full-on attack!

Not long ago, Brown held a show in Tuscaloosa to celebrate his 50th birthday.  If hitting the gym has him able to get around like THAT,  we all need memberships.

But the question in the minds of many is what happened to cause this. Here's what bystanders said:


So much for "sticks and stones." Words obviously hurt sometimes. Luckily, no one appears to have any broken bones or serious injury.


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