Did you know that Tuscaloosa has a Professional Basketball Team? West Alabama's Premier Professional Minor League Team!

The Tuscaloosa Titans!

I had a chance to speak to Jaylin Prewitt, the President of Basketball Operations, Michael Scales and Assistant Coach and Player Developmental Specialist, Coach Rob last week before their Pre Season game win on Saturday, March 10th again the undefeated  Hurricanes from Baton Rouge, Louisiana!

Next up for the Tuscaloosa Titans is an exhibition community relations basketball game against the Tuscaloosa Police Department at P.A.L. gym which is located in Mckenzie Court on March 17th! This event is called "Taking The City Back One child At A Time," this simply means that the children are the future and if we could reach the children one at a time and show them that they can be anything they want to be if they put their minds to the task. We have the police involved because many individuals need to see them in a different setting so they can build better community relations with the children and adults in Tuscaloosa.

This event and it will include, free admission for all children and $5 dollars admission for adults, free pizza for all children during the game Everything kicks off at 2 P.M. with a meet and greet with the Police Department and autographs signed by the Tuscaloosa Titans Basketball team, and the game between the Titans and Police Department will start around 3:15 P.M on

Below is the season schedule, home games to be played at Stillman College!

Titans Bball schedule