When I discuss my "wedding dreams," my family and friends usually laugh at its simplicity.  Maybe they'll give me a break after seeing this.

While it's admirable that Justin and Susie (as the officiant stated) desired to become one, it's the location that is causing all the conversation.

Again, I am all for simplicity.  I personally don't care about the diamond in an engagement ring or even if I get a ring.  I'd prefer to be married during a family gathering in the back yard, allowing a barbecue to serve as our reception.  I'm not into putting on a show for others to have a topic of discussion later.

"Did you see her dress? Wasn't it gorgeous?"

"Oh my goodness! Q knows she sang that song!" (Side note: Hehehe Q is my sister, my brother's wife.  We don't do the "in-law" thing. And that heifer can SING!!!)

Personally, I don't care about any of that.  To me, marriage is sacred. So, the ceremony is quite intimate to me.  I don't want it crowded with a bunch of people.  I am willing to make a concession on the reception.  Maybe go larger and make it open as long as the food lasts or something like that, but the actual ceremony... Nope. Simple and intimate.

So, I can get with this couple!  They've saved a lot of money on the wedding stuff and probably had the most delicious post-wedding meal. (I'm not sure if it's called a reception in this case.)  I know if it was me working behind the counter, I'd offer up the best waffle I ever made, throw a little extra flavor on the steak, maybe even chop up some meat other than ham in the most glorious mound of hashbrowns, etc.

Congratulations, Justin and Susie!  May your union be wonderful and your lines of communication with each other be as open as the Waffle House doors!


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