The Original Monopoly game can get you 6 figures!


Do you or did your parents hold on to every little thing, including toys?  Some may call you a hoarder and then again, some people may call you a genius!

It turns out, that pile of Pokémon cards maybe worth thousands!

Here's a list of toys that may be worth a pretty penny!



Garbage Pail Kids

I never understood these, wish my kids would have held on to them! Some cards can sell for hundreds and some can sell for thousands! it all depends on which card it is, when it was made, also the condition of the card.

 Pokémon cards

Some Pokémon cards are even worth thousands, if they are rare and kept in good condition.

1978 Luke Skywalker Action Figure

Star Wars fans are so diehard that in 2015, the Luke Skywalker Action figure released in 1978, was sold for $25,000.

PEZ Dispensers

Some PEZ Dispensers are so rare and can sell for thousands, along with a whole collection.  A 1982 PEZ dispenser known as the Astronaut B, sold for $32,000 on eBay. Man!  I had those all the time when I was younger!

The Original Monopoly

The original hand-drawn version sold for $146,500 in 2011. If you have any vintage versions from the 1930s or limited edition versions of Monopoly, you can be looking at some serious cash.

Game Boy

Game Boys in great condition can sell for hundreds, and if you have a special edition Game Boy, such as the Game Boy Light, it can go for over $1,500.

Hot Wheels

With 4,000,000,000 cars made since 1968, only a hand full of them are valuable. Like  the 1969 “Volkswagen Beach Bomb” prototype, never making it to production, making it one of a kind and worth $125,000!

First Edition pound Puppies

Today, a first edition Pound Puppy can make you a pretty penny, going for $5,000.

Cabbage Patch Dolls

Depending on which doll you have, you can earn some serious cash for it.


For an original Furby in an unopened box, you could expect to see a $900 value.

Vintage Super Soaker Gun

Today, you can find imitations in any and every dollar store, but the vintage original can go for up to $1000.

Stretch Armstrong

Vintage Stretch Armstrong dolls have gone to auction for an insane $4000, and $10,000 purchases also have been recorded!


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