If only Wakanda was real….

According to the Associated Press, the continent of Africa now has over 6,000 cases of COVID-19 and is the continent probably least equipped to treat serious infections.

Right now, authorities are said to be aggressively working towards procuring needed protective equipment, but they’ll definitely be needed as the continent is in the dawn of its outbreak but is said to be close to where Europe was after a 40-day period.

Some areas are said to be running out of hospital beds already, and ventilators are few. In addition, there is a shortage of testing kits or swabs.

However, there are lockdowns in some nations, though it is unknown how such measures are affecting the rate of infection.  Also under watch is the whether Africa’s youthful population will be a benefit in fighting off the virus and if issues like malnutrition, HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria might affect people’s ability to fight off infection. Full story.

As other studies have shown, in America, being in rural areas may be more beneficial to the prevention of contamination, which could be good for some of Africa’s population. More developed areas may need more concerted efforts. But whatever is needed, as we take care of ourselves, we should prepare to extend helping hands to those who need it.

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