Anyone who's ever been to Cracker Barrel Old Country Store knows how the store can spark nostalgia. The store has the best of everything old school.

There are old school games, household items, and candy. But somehow,  the company managed to make an old candy new.

Because it comes under the Lemonhead name, I'm not sure Cracker Barrel has anything  to do with it, aside from being a distribution point, but the sticks are much like the peppermint sticks sold in the store. Same texture but rather than being minty, these taste like the lemon part of Lemonheads.

I bought a bag simply out of curiosity and anoter just in case anyone else wanted some.  After tasting mine,  I think I might need to go and get another. If you've ever been a fan of Lemonheads, be sure to go by Cracker Barrel and get yours.

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