Good grief! I really forgot how difficult it is to get a toddler ready for school before going in to work!

Right now, I'm going to pat you parents on the back!  My youngest is 24 so all of this was like a blur to me...until this morning!

So with it's Spring break, my daughters went to Las Vegas to visit my Son. Needless to say, I have my grand daughter Anissa for the entire week!

Not even taking into account that the time sprung forward this weekend, this morning was CRAZY!! This girl cried from the moment she woke up!  She didn't want to brush her teeth, she really didn't want to get out of bed! She didn't want to walk so as I got ready for work, I carried her, then Papa had to hold her!

carry Nissa

Ok, so FINALLY, we're leaving, Anissa still crying, now she doesn't want to go to school!

crying nissa

We drive to the radio station, I get out, she's STILL crying! I'm hoping once they start driving she'll stop. I get in the studio, get settled, then my phone's Glenn! I'm like what now! Well, it turns out that he and Anissa went to get breakfast, he turned the car off to go in and realized he didn't have the car key.  Guess where they key MY PURSE!!


Yup, I had to run to IHOP between songs to give them the car key!

So as you can see, Day 1 of Anissa VS Grandma and Papa was a mess, hopefully tomorrow will be a little better!

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